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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Biedermeier/30's Dining Room Table #3: - Almost done

I had some more time to work on my table before to be really interrupted by the parcment job. You can see the post related to the parchment table there.

Back to our Biedermeier/30's table.

The top as been veneered, with Old Brown Glue, our favorite liquid hide glue, shaped and sanded and I did straighten the edges for a nice clean fit.

I have ben playing with steam bending. Russ Filbeck lent us one of his steamer.

I used a PVC pipe to dip my cherry moulding in dyed black water to soak them through

I steamed the moulding for an hour before to bend them. To avoid breaking I made a system, that will be use anyway for glueing, and shaped, bent the piece of cherry starting from the center out on both sides progressively.

It will be short week as I am taking the 4th of. It has been a busy month, with 2 weeks of teaching, working on this table and the parchment table, and did not had any day off, so this is a welcomed break. Next week I should be done with the table and it will be sent for finishing.
-- Patrice lejeune

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