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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Biedermeier/30's Dining Room Table #1: - Shaping and veneering

We have been hired to make a dining room table from a 30’s model and slide it on the Biedermeier side.
This is not our usual traditional furniture making but it is also a nice change in the usual styles we work on.
We started with a simple design to show the overall idea

Brick laid apron in pine for a light top

Poplar “plaque to glue under the top. it will host a metal plate to bolt the lower part to the top

The base is made out of beech, for an heavy base. And like usual we work only with hide glue or the Liquid Hide Glue Old Brown Glue.

A little look at the general aspect. The columns are turned in soft maple. I have already done my mahogany sunburst for the base at that point

Final shaping of the base

We always tooth our surfaces when we veneer to maximize the adherence of the glue

I stupidly did not take a picture of the actual glueing of the edges but I used one of those movers belts.

Toothing the faces before glueing

Up to today I have the straight aprons for the leaves and all the base surfaces veneered.

Patrick is going to veneer columns using his techniques described in his article “Master Class: Low-tech method for veneer columns” you can find here http://www.oldbrownglue.com/articles.html
Thank you for following and see you in the next episode.
-- Patrice lejeune


  1. This looks great Patrice, very excited to see the rest of this project.

    1. Thank you, I will post when the table is finished.

  2. very nice work ! is it possible to take a picture how patrick is going to veneer the coloms , that would be very intersting ( language problem ) , because we are not able to read the whole article patrick wrote. thank you very much and greetings from belgium ! Filip Tanghe

    1. We did better! A video.
      Nice to hear from you.
      Hope you visit again soon.