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Friday, May 23, 2014

Biedermeier / 30's dining room table progress

o Patrick did veneer the column.
He first put the veneer on an kraft paper to hold the fiber ni place, we were not sure this thick veneer will like the bending. The article can be found there http://www.oldbrownglue.com/articles.html
What you see here is were the seem was made, on the overlap, using a veneer saw then using the reversibility of the glue with an iron to finish the glueing.

It cleans easily enough with water

I have been careful enough to mark where the ring inset was to find it easily and cut it with a japanese saw

I have also introduce a router to the workshop to do the rabid on those curve, I did not feel like making them by hand on this modern table. But if it had been a period reproduction I will have done it by hand.

Right now I put this project aside

because I have to prep and re-skin that huge table with parchment, I will make a post of it. But I will finish it soon.

-- Patrice lejeune
- See more at: http://lumberjocks.com/Patricelejeune/blog/41205#sthash.HYyXQgL2.dpuf

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