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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Treasure Box III - Post #1: Remember the Treasure Boxes series?

Remember TB I & TB II ?

Here is TB III

Well. As you can see it is not quite finished yet. But we have been really busy at the shop working on other project that I did not even take the time to post… But here we are, back on track.

Drawing is almost done, the 2 sides are finished and ready to be cut, top and front need to be verified and the back needs a bit more massaging, but it’s there.
We have taken this opportunity to clean up the veneer cellar with the “Tree Hugger”

We also have been cutting more of our own veneer, perfect sizes for piece by piece packets.

This has extended our palette quite a bit.

Our number of sawn veneer woods in marquetry pack is now in the 50’s for TB3. I am not sure we will use all of them in the project but they are packed and ready to go!
Drawing of one of the sides

All the paper cut for that side also

And the packs ready to be cut!

And why not a little extra

More soon!!!
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  1. I need to get one of those treehugger units for my shop!

  2. Wow 50 veneers in the color pallette!! The sawn veneer looks great! Box 3 is quite a bit bigger than the first two. Looking forward to how this is going to turn out!

    1. Yes I thonk we'll go back to a smaller piece for #4

  3. I was very interested in your saw blade that you use but have a hunch that's not a 1/4 blade. That is a great idea to keep the label on the saw, by the way.

    Do you have the info on your resaw blade?

    1. We use German 160mm blades, longer than what we find in america. Average size is 2/0. 160 x 0.81 x 0.32mm

    2. Thanks Patrice,
      I was interested in the bandsaw blades. Even at 160cm, that would only be 63". I'm guessing your specification above is for scroll saw blades.

      I do a lot of resaw with the same model band saw and would like to improve my results.

    3. Oh, I se... My bad. We use resaw King by Laguna. I think I was 5/8". It broke. Our rule of thumb is as wide as they make it for our length.