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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Treasure Box - Series #2 - Post #17: Getting ready to polish the inside of the box

All right!
Last time I was done with the marquetry and I had done the mastic on them.
I glued them down with Hide Glue and cleaned with called water the paper that hold the pieces from the front with Hot Hide Glue.

When all the paper is gone with just cold water, I use one of those green scrubs to clean of the rest of the glue.

Next step finish all the little details in all the inside parts. Rabbets on the bottom

Hinges on the bottom for the mechanism for the release of the tray, I will detail this later. When it is done of course.

Hinges for the lid

Blood-wood and that bloody kiln dried beech are so hard on the chisel, it seems I spend half my time sharpening…. Especially when installing the lock

Ready to install the polishing area. I need to finish the french polish of the inside before next class of American School of French Marquetry…

I will also work on the polish of the apron on a pair of federal table Patrick is making

Overall not a very exciting post, I know, but thought I will share the progress anyway.
Next episode, French Polish of the inside of the box and gluing of the box.
Thank you for following!
-- Patrice lejeune

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  1. Patrice do you have more photos of the 2 federal tables (making of) ?

    Filip Tanghe.