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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Treasure Box - Series #2 - Post #16: Finished with the marquetry panels

With those and of year year festivities, I still have been able to advance a bit this project
I finished to put together the marquetry panels.
The bone where finally dyed

I inserted those last pieces in the top and sides

To be on the safe side I reheated the panels on hot plates paper side down after sprinkling it with water and pressing it down real hard with some plenty of newspaper and foam on the back. The idea is to press real hard all the wood pieces, that have some discrepancy in thickness, to the front of the paper while the glue melts with the heat from the plates and the moisture from the water, and create an even surface for the front, the paper side.

I re-glued the marquetry on new assembly board to be able to do the mastic to fill up the gap but mainly the engraving line of the marquetry.

Next step veneering.
-- Patrice lejeune

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