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Friday, May 23, 2014

Treasure Box #2 - Post #9 - Sand Shading

I has been a while and I thought I could give an update on this project.
We are preparing the class room for june, which means cleaning the space we use between the classes as our marquetry and french polish workshop.
I am finishing shading before to put the project on the side for those reason.
I use the sand shading method and mostly dipping considering the number of pieces.

I usually do one or 2 flowers at a time and dip a series of 2 or 3 pieces, sometime 4 which gives me an average of 8 to 16 pieces at all time in the sand. The burning can go real fast on some wood so I prioritize them by there speeds and try to keep the same type of wood in the sand to get a certain rhythm like put it in 1 2 3 4 flip a other one 1 2 3 4 take of the last one 1 2 3 4, put in a new one if I have time 1 2 3 4 flip the first one 1 2 3 4 take of the second 1 2 3 4 etc…

I place them on my paper in order so I can put them back easily in eclate when I am done shading a group. this gives ime for the sand to get real hot again by putting the lid back on.

When I am done doing a side of the tray I put it on the other side of the skillet for a better access to the pieces to shade

So up to today I have done all the box’s sides

and a good part of the top

And as usual couple close up just because I like them

-- Patrice lejeune

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