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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Treasure box #2 - Preparing for marquetry

Some of new have seen our new project on other posts. We had a pretty good success with our first series, the 4 copies were sold in a year.
We are going to revisit this box sold at Christie’s if my memory is good.
The picture quality is not great, but we enjoyed the composition and decided to use it as a ground for our new design.

The design has been finished for couple weeks now, and for the past couple days we have been working on preparing for marquetry cutting.
As I am using piece by piece technique in order to end up with 4 copies, after the drawing are completed I start cutting each individual piece on paper, as pattern for cutting.

Each cut pieces are placed according to position on a tray

And each tray is dedicated to a panel for the box

The top part is a little too complicated and too big to set in one tray

So I divided it in 3 trays, the inside cartouche with the bird

The oval scrolls and acanthus

Then the corners that i need to cut

When I am done cutting those las papers, I will start cutting real marquetry, as Patrick Edwards in the meantime has been preparing the palette of color, with sawn veneers.

The first picture to cut is the inside panel so Patrick can start building the box

The numbers are the chosen veneers positions, and the paper patterns are glued on those packs

The packs are secured by riveting nails in between pieces

Lets go cut something!!!!!

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