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Friday, March 1, 2013

White Cockatoo, Marquetry

 I started cutting that project in France before to be sponsored by Patrick Edwards and Kristen Arrivee from Antique Refinishers and American School of French Marquetry in 2006. I brought back the half cut pieces and packs in my luggage.
As a restorer I practised marquetry but mainly for repairs. I did couple classicle projects but this picture is the first one I did as an independant wall picture.
I wanted to do something in the Roentgen style, small intricate pieces where the contrast is achieved by the choice of wood more than the shading. The picture I found of that cockatoo was ideal for that.

Choice of wood was critical especially for the bird containing the biggest pieces. Curly maple, beech and tight lacewood. Branches are made with rosewood, mahogany, cherry walnut
The technique used was piece by piece or classical method cut in 4 layers. I used 2 different backgrounds, 2 in oilve ash and 2 in dumpster-dived unknown pinkish veneer. The pinkish being a little to plain I added later some fusion to skyified it a little.

i finally finished it for the 2008 Design in Wood Show and have been lucky enough to have been awarded 1st place