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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Shack #1 #2 #3, Landscape Marquetry

Another marquetry challenge on Fusion, “The Shack”
One of my most brain aching projects.
On that one I used the same technique than on Gaëtane, with prefused packs, but also a prefused background.
I used a maple background That i glued on a assembly board, then I placed my clouds, building from the light to the dark, mimicking the thickness of the storm clouds.
First an alder burl

Then some darker clouds on walnut burl and a blue horizon line

More darker walnut burl

Pieces of the Shack itself are cut out of my prefused packs. I sand and scrape to the point I almost want to go so I can sand slightly the project at the end. Those 2 veneers are now what I called “fused” to create kind of a new species of wood, a texture.
As I cut in 4 layers piece by piece, I prepare 4 of the same or cut a big one in 4 to put in a pack like that

Then I cut the background and the shack piece by piece and put them together on another assembly board, a bit more blue a bit more dark walnut burl and curly yellow wood as the back layer of my foreground.

Some more scraping, shaving and sawdust for the foreground loan and done

Completed for the 2009 Design in wood show, it did not meet again the understanding or liking of the judge. I must confess i was a bit upset for that one, but I was quiet happy as I got 11 inquiries on it and it was sold real fast.
Presenting that piece also brought me a client to buy the second one, my favorite. I made progress especially on the loan foreground mainly because I learn to play more accurately with the shaving and sawdust that I now call sprinkling.

I finished the third one for the Fine Art juried show at the Del Mar Fair, San Diego county and got the Spanish Village Art Center award for it in 2010

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