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Friday, October 2, 2015

Treasure Box - Series #2 - Post #22: French polishing

All right!
Last stretch this week. We will have pro picture next week and I will post them for you guys as well of a video of the mechanism in action.
But for now! Lets talk about french polish
While finishing the fine sanding

I have been pushing forward the pore filling and the polishing of the tray so it could be sent to LA for the leather.

Then I started with the pore-filling of the all box. The top first with the pore filling of the outside and inside every other day. When it was pore-filled I started the polish of the inside first

In the meantime I carry on with the box body pore filling up to the point it is nicely satin

Then I installed the hardware for the top

And installed the top with the hinges in order to be able to finish the top without having anything touching the fresh inside polish

The back is raised on a wood spacer

And the front touches another spacer only on the brass latch

When the leather came back I was almost done with polishing

And then, you know the story, put everything together and reflect on the past 2 years getting that project done.

Pro pictures should be in next week to share!

And of course delivery for our patient, but I believe very happy, clients and collectors.
Cheers and I will post the pictures next week
-- Patrice lejeune