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Monday, March 11, 2013

Miniature Marquetry - No Child Left Behind - Best of Show 2010

In 2008, a friend of mine started a Mail Art project called His Legacy.
The goal was, for diverse artist, to mail 2 postcard size Mail Art representing an interpretation of president Bush legacy. One to the white house and one to the Getty Museum, and this every weeks of the last year of Bush’s presidency.
I was contacted to participate, but as a foreigner, I chose to stay out of the political stand and did double reading piece, a free interpretation of a picture taken in Germany and published in Das Bild. The picture was read differently by both side of the political scene, each side making its own interpretation. I push this chose your own interpretation a little bit in the title, No Child Left Behind Act being such a controversial political decision. Overall, it worked pretty well in the sense where each political side who looked at this marquetry had in fact there own interpretation.
The drawing was made from the picture

I tried something new, I scanned the drawing to do the color choice using photoshop.

The marquetry was cut in 4 layers using the piece by piece technique on the chevalet.

The background was cut out of died black maple also in 4 layers

The final marquetry had around 360 pieces some of them thicker than wide.

I did not finish in time for the Mail Art Project, I send another more simple marquetry, but I finished nevertheless the project and surprisedly, for a “political" and such a small piece, got Best of Show at the Design in Wood Show in 2010.
They put a blown up picture on the side for the public to be able to see the details

At Cirello Gallery in 2011

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